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The importance of the urban public transport system reorganization

Currently one of the most important aspects for the metropolitan areas sustain development all over the planet are the urban public transport system and its impact on the regional and national economies.
The urban public transport system reorganization and the cultural re-education of the citizens are fundamental for the economical and social sustainable development of the metropolitan areas but also for the national growth. So the transports network restructuring must be made on a three axes base: the metropolitan transports network efficient; the energetic efficient; the transportation system environmental impact. Another fundamental aspect it is the symbiosis between the urban and the national transports systems not only at their physical interconnections but also at the macroeconomic objectives.

The metropolitan public transports network efficient must offer the lines to serve all the metropolitan citizens on a way that they can give up of using the car to start using the public transportation. However a good offer of public transportations does not imply an overlap of services what would divide the passengers and multiply the costs. If we have a subway offer it is not necessary to have a bus service doing the same service on the same area because that will obligate two separated investments that will compete between them and that will make more difficult to maximize the return on each investment.
Other fundamental aspect for the efficiency of a transport network it is the schedules of the service. The schedules have to supply the passenger’s needs and not the politician’s decisions. Only a public transporters network that offers a service with quality and with adjusted schedules that gives total availability so the citizens can use the public transport in set of the personal car can make possible to take the politic decision to increase the cost for the use of personal inside the metropolitan areas, decreasing this way the higher economical costs and the environmental impact of the thousands cars daily entering on our cities.
The energetic efficiency it is other fundamental question for the sustainability of the urban public transportation networks. Naturally this means an alteration from the oil base locomotion for alternative energies to be used on public transports system.
Since great part of the countries are oil dependent in consequence of the oil be necessary to move all the vehicles in the country, it is urgent that urban public transport system reorganization be based on electricity and alternative energies vehicles. This way besides creating a sustainable public transportation network we also are fighting for the national independency or at least for a stronger position face OPEC and the international oil prices.
At last but not least we have the environmental question. It is obvious for all that one efficient public transport system based on alternative energies with the capability to take persons to leave the car at home and getting a public transportation, not only makes sustainable the urban public transportation but also release the city and the country of large amounts of pollution emissions. It is also necessary that the nationally freights and also the medium-haul passenger’s trips get done by rail that is moved by electricity.
As a cultural objective to be implemented along to the urban public transport system reorganization, it is fundamental to re-educate the metropolitan citizen’s behaviour so they became to see the car as a non necessary luxury like it happens in New-York, where it is normal persons living on central areas do not have a personal car and just rent one when they want to travel on the state because on the day-to-day it is more economical and fast use the public transportation that maintain a personal car. This way they can avoid the annual cost of having a personal car and nationally we can reduce the oil importation and carbon dioxide emissions.

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