segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2012

2012 the year for survival or extinction of our way of life

2011 has reached its end and with the beginning of the 2012 the world faces a year that will probably be a determinant year to the human society. The 2008 financial crisis isn’t the main reason for the actual economic and social world crisis but it was only the cause of an anticipation of the waiting to happen crisis. The real causes for the actual international socioeconomic crisis are both nationals and internationals ones.
Nationally, the North American and European countries did not prepare their economies for the BRI (of the BRIC) growth because they were used to be the “all powerful” economies and their politicians did not had the competence and the courage to implement the need it policies to prepare their countries to the new economy reality.
Internationally the populations and the politicians of our countries (including the Brazil, India and I hope so Russia too) did not realise that they was facing an authentic economic war to defend our democracy, economy, the western culture and way of life.
With the end of the former USSR, the Chinese regime realised that the only way to survive without accepted to change for a democratic system it was to use the capitalist system against itself by exploring its fragilities. Then it was create the one regime two systems.
This way China produced an economic model to sustain their necessary growth and formed a path to become the most important economic nation without creating the middle class require it to sustain a growth based on the domestic consume and privet enterprise, but on the contrary they use their limitations to the creation of a middle class as an economic weapon by imposing lower salaries, almost non social responsibilities, the criminalisation of workers vindications and state companies following governmental policies acting on the free international market as if they was private companies targeting the profit and not the geopolitical strategy.
Obvious that with this conditions offered by China it is normal that western companies relocate their operations to Chinese territory and with the balance of payments surplus China dominate the international financial market and gets the necessary liquidity to acquire western companies.
So it is the war already lost for us western democratic economies? No, because we North American and European countries keep being the engine that maintains the world economic motor running because it is our importations that creates all the Chinese liquidity that are being used to buy and defeats us. That is the irony of all the Chinese strategy, they use our own money (the money we spend buying “made in China”) to buy us because we buy “made in China” instead of buy western production, but western works want to maintain all their rights and incomes blaming the companies for relocating to countries that offers lower costs when their consumers (western populations) keep buying their products instead of boycotting the companies that relocated their productions to those countries and start making “made in China”, showing them that if they want to maintain their clients they must keep their productions on western countries.
And now I ask you, it is 2012 the year when we start fighting back and recovering the defence of our economy and culture? Or we gone keep the way things are evolving and accept the chinesfication of our countries?

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